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  1. I noticed that I got a PM from someone yesterday, then I got a PM today, and it shows the PM from yesterday as "Last Week", even though yesterday was Tuesday, May 5th. The PM from today is under the heading of "This Week", which make no sense unless you start the week on Wednesday (which is really mid-week).

    So, the "Week" headings are off by 3 days. The beginning of the week is Sunday, and the end of the week is Saturday.

    I get a lot of PMs since I have a very popular guide, and sometimes I ignore PMs thinking I have already answered them because I just glace and see they are under the "Last Week" heading, which is inaccurate.

    ~ milOtis
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  2. Have you checked your computers clock, date and time? Your motherboard battery or clock may be losing time? just an idea.
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    I checked and mine are all correctly dated. One for 'last week' was on Saturday, which is last week.
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