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    Hi. I found like 3-4 different boards that this could have fit on so I finally decided this one will have to do! I'm going to try to keep this short while maintaining all necessary details.

    My intent is to get DVD's & Blu-Ray's onto my computer, and convert to iPod/iPad format and size. I have a PlayStation 3 connected to a Hauppauge HD PVR through component cables, and the PVR to my computer through USB 2.0. I recently played a DVD on my PS3 and captured it onto my PC. The PVR creates a .m2ts file for the recorded video. (The length of the video was about 2 hours, and was 5.8GB once in .m2ts format.) I imported the .m2ts file into Sony Vegas Pro 9.0c, trimmed it accordingly, and rendered with the following settings:
    - File Type .MP4
    - Frame Size 640x480
    - Frame Rate 29.970
    - Maximum bps 1,500,000
    - Average bps 1,350,000

    This created a 2 hour long, 1.29 GB video in .mp4. The video plays fine when you open it, however, once you attempt to drag the "fast-forward bar" more than 5 minutes ahead of the videos present location, the video completely freezes along with the player it's playing in. I've tested the video in a number of players, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and iTunes, and the problem in present in each.

    I'm sure someone will reply saying "just watch the video from start to finish and it should be fine." While that may work, this is an annoying hiccup that I would love to know the reason of / a solution to. Thank you very much for any responses. If I missed any necessary details to figure out the issue, just tell me which.

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    You could try "remux" the mp4 and see if it's works better to fast-forward. Just open the mp4 in a mp4box gui like yamb or mymp4boxgui and then make a new mp4.
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