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  1. I recently acquired a 1280x720p MKV container file with english+french DTS 5.1 sound and subtitles in ENG, FRE, GER that plays in VLC Player just fine on Win7Ultimate x64. All I want is to make an AVCHD disc with ENG sound and subtitle (encoded on video or selectable). I've tried using about 4 or 5 diff tools with no luck this weekend and hoping someone has a solution. Here's what I've tried:

    1) TSXMUXER: no mater what I do, the audio is out of sync with video

    2) MKVtoVOB: No subtitle show up

    3) MKVToolNix (with MKVMerge): I can strip the FRE/GER subtitles and audio out, making the file smaller in MKV, but the train stops there. I guess I can see if there's a way to make an MT2S with subtitle embedded.

    4) Ripbot264 (with MKVExtract): I tried to extract the subtitle as SRT, then use Ripbot264 to force the subtitle SRT file back in as selectable AND embedded, but after 4 hrs of encoding, I found out subtitle only applied halfway through the movie....almost perfect, but no go. Maybe the SRT file was not complete, I'll have to check in Notepad later.

    BUT, is there an easier tool to merge MKV container files with SRT or even the embedded subtitle in MKV to force and show up? I also try to make ENG audio primary on some MKVs that has foreign audio as primary, but no luck when playing back via streaming with Tversity (even if encoder is set to ALWAYS) or making an AVCHD disc.
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    Use MultiAVCHD!
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  3. Thank you. Will check it out when I get home. I didn't see anything about subtitles with this tool, but I'm sure it'll be great!
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