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    Hi everyone

    i just borrowed a dvd recorder from a friend that only used it a couple of times, the remote is broken but as i was "feeding it " trough SCART i thought the scart signal would "pop up" without the need to change or search through channels but the scart signal doesnt show up and without the remote i cant select other source other than analogue UHF OR VHF TV

    I tought that by pressing the play or other key on the player would bring up some rudimentar menu wherei could select scart or some other input form but nothinh happens.

    i tried to search for a manual online but im unable to find the manual or the company that makes this dvd player/recorder: AG Model RW-008

    does anyone know who manufactures this dvd recorder? or where i can find the manual, i searched for the info online, and in "all" the manual sites and didnt find a thing

    Can anyone help?

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