I'm taking photos a lot as documentary of my family. As the archive now consists from approx. 20000 photos, I'm playing also a lot with photo metadata (photo title, description, tagging - keywords, geolocation...) which are stored in standards (EXIF, IPTC, XMP,...). With clever software I can do a full text search, geo search etc.

Modern cameras can take photos and also record videos. I have about 1500 short home (non Hollywood) videos like "Son is playing", "Family birthday celebration", "Dog on the run" wich takes about 1-5 mins per file. Camera is recording into AVCHD, I'm converting it into MP4, but the container is not so important for me. It can be also the MKV or any other, if it can help to store metadata I want.

And the question is - is there any software to store similar metadata into video container (similar to photos)? Software, which can write some title, description, tags - keywords, geolocation? And some features like "search by keyword" (all videos of my son) or "fulltext search" (by title)?

I'm looking for this a long time, but all software I found is working with Hollywood videos, no keywords, no date/time (only year of video release), no geo location... I can't believe I'm the only one, who has so many home videos in my archive and want to manage them in some catalog.

Thanks a lot for any help.