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  1. My ancient VCR/DVD combo finally kicked the bucket. So I did what all poor college students do and high-tailed it to Wal-mart to pick up a basic $30 DVD player. I got the Magnavox dp100mw8b. I have an older TV connected to a Comcast cable box. Initially the hookup seemed ridiculously easy -- I plugged the red, white, and yellow plugs into their corresponding holes on the DVD player and the cable box, then plugged the DVD into the power outlet. And....nothing. Well, the DVD player is getting power but I can't get any sort of picture. I tried every way of switching inputs on the tv and cable box that I could think of, but nothing happened. The TV, being an older model, doesn't have the red-white-yellow inputs. Any ideas?
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    If the TV does not have audio/video inputs, what do you have the audio/video cables plugged into coming from the dvd player?

    The cable box ?

    Because usually the audio/video jacks/plugs on cable boxes are outputs, not inputs.

    If your TV only has the basic cable input, where you screw the one cable wire into it, you would need an RF Modulator.

    You can pick them up pretty much anywhere, radio shack, best buy, walmart, ect.

    Allows you to use peripherals with TVs that have no audio video jack
    Delivers a sharp, bright video picture through S-video outputs
    Designed to save space
    RF Modulator to connect your AV equipment through your television's RF jack
    Compatibility Devices: DVD Player, Video Game Console, Camcorder, TV, DVD Player, Video Game Console, Camcorder, TV
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    Please next time you post use a title with a better description of your problem,for this time i changed it.
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