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  1. i recently traveled to the US and took my camera and tapes as hand luggage, which I have done before with no issues.

    the footage I took is jumpy, showing lines and the sound is also affected. I have tried other tapes recorded previously and recorded new footage, all of which is fine so i do not think the camera 9a Sony) is the issue.

    Importing to i-movie creates lots of small clips from a single source and skips some footage altogether, the software seems to be getting corrupted data

    If as I suspect my tapes have been damaged by the xray what is my best option to retrieve footage?
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    xrays can't hurt magnetic tape. it used to fog old style film, but not dv tape. i don't believe airports are using any mri type scanners. try the tapes in a different miniDV playback device. it sounds more like physical damage to the tape, as in scratches or crinkles from a contaminated or dying tape drive.
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  3. thanks - it is strange that only tapes I took with me are affected, including some footage at the start that was recorded and OK before.

    Given that the damage is done, what is my best way forward to use the footage I have? if I could get the footage off the tape I could edit it enough to make the result OK. i-movie refuses to import some footage. Is there a way to force the images through, I suppose I could record onto VHS and then re-import, i.e. bypass the whole digital process, but presumably that would give seriously degraded?

    As I say, the only comon factor is 2 trips through a scanner for these tapes (which were new).
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    If you want to rerecord the footage in realtime as a short term preservation method get a hold of a computer capture card. Don't do the vhs route.

    See if you know anyone that has a capture device that is mac compatible and borrow it. I don't know how much mac capture devices are for analog video. There are really cheap ones for the pc (cheap as in inexpensive, some are cheap in quality as well, best to read reviews before buying).

    But if you do it directly to the computer in realtime than you can get the best quality from that standpoint (as far as capturing what you see during actual playback).
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