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  1. Hello all,

    I am new at this subject, so direct me to useful info if I ask something already being written...

    Currently, my husband and I are working in Mali, West-Africa. I am producing short health video's and would like to see if
    I could distribute the next one via mobile phones...Lots of Africans share their music, audio etc via mobile phones, so I
    think it would work well.

    A friend of mine told me that via Sorenson Squeeze you can choose a "mobile format" to achieve the goal above.
    I looked into my version but it is from 2002-2003 and probably to old to have this option.

    Are there Squeeze users out there that can tell me which version I would need to get mobiel output?
    If yes, what format would be best to use or are there many, many different versions?

    Thanks for your input, appreciated!
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    I guess 3gp works in most mobiles. I would try a free software like Mobile Media Converter.
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  3. tested it and it works great! Thanks a lot...
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  4. Need to take some of my excitement back ... For some reason, Mobile Media Converter does not keep my 16:9 ratio. I marked it by "crop", but my wmv. file 640 x 360 gets back to the 4:3 ratio after converting...Any idea how to solve this?

    Did do some more testing and in the "preview" the aspect ratio shows right, but not after the conversion?
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  5. My output in the end is around 63 MB....If I zip it (to put it on the web), it only goes down to 61 MB...Any other ways to zip it down more, so it will be easier for people to download?
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    You can try converting it at a lower bitrate to keep the file size smaller. It shouldn't matter too much if it will be viewed on a small mobile screen anyway.
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  7. true marioval, good point!
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