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  1. I've acquired the 3d blu ray of monsters vs. aliens movie, which was released in april 21th, and I want to do a rip of the stereoscopic files (.ssif extension), to output the videos (trailers, a short and the movie) in separate files.. But seems that this format of files are new to the bluray world, and it was encoded with the mvc-avc (multi-view codec) I suppose.

    So, anyone know or have a clue on how can I manage to rip these SSIF format files to avi, mkv,... files? Is there already a codec for these files?

    Here is a picture from the directories which I am talking about

    On this folder, I can play these videos (m2ts).. but all are played in a "2d" way, what I want to do is to extract the files from the SSIF folder, which has the content showed on the second pitcure

    Any help will be much appreciated

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    I have no idea really! I also wonder if there's already a codec for it
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  3. no, it doesn't have a codec yet.

    Actually a user from another forum got the files decoded, but I still don't know how he did it.
    When I learn, I'll post it here.
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    Obviously, since they've been ENCODED, they've used an encoder, and whoever makes MVC encoders also makes MVC decoders (my guess is Sonic Solutions through Mainconcept, or Sony/Panasonic, etc). MVC is too new of a standard to have "consumer" encoders or decoders yet. Yes, there are HARDWARE/FIRMWARE decoders in BD settops that support this, but that's probably about it right now. Of course, if you hear of one, especially opensource, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

    Also, tell us which site you heard about this other dude that could get them decoded. Maybe he just played them out to "side-by-side" or dual-channel format and then re-capped them?...(maybe you could do this too)

    If we hear anything more, we'll let you know.
    BTW, thanks for the screenshots, we'll have to add the additonal structure features to the knowledge base.

    Good luck,
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  5. A user, alexpk, managed to decode the videos: (you'll need an account, free)

    Here's 2 trailers that i've ripped from the disc using the procedure described on the link

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    yes, I do not trust everything..... therefore I have tried something....... do have only anaglyf spectatles with simple monitor ........
    but conversion from 3D BluRay disk to simple file IS WORKING !!!!

    more at:
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