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    I recently signed up for AT&T UVERSE. UVERSE, contrary to what the original sales person told me, is NOT FIOS (or fiber optics). It is a different way of using the existing cable network to send their signal to a cable modem box that functions in many respects like a standard cable modem box except:

    1. The output signal it sends to other TV's is NOT a standard cable signal and so can not be read by a standard TV that can read common cable channels
    2. Is accessible both by cable outlet and by LAN connection
    3. Each receiving TV requires a signal reading box that then connects to the main DVR across the network (either by LAN or by cable) allowing any TV to watch programs recorded on a single central DVR.

    My impression is that the cable modem provides a signal to the DVR which then transmits the base signal to the receiving units at each TV. The receiving units can communicate with the DVR and play the video programs directly from the DVR at their respective sites. Does anyone know if the receiving units required with each TV have the capability to act as their own tuner or whether they must use the DVR tuner? Each one of these receiving units can be connected either by cable or by LAN connection.

    I have two questions for this thread:

    1. Does anyone know what is needed for a PC that is on the network to communicate with the DVR and or cable modem and independently record and capture the AT&T video signal so that it can be burned to a DVD or watched from the computer. This would then allow us to program the PC to record and not have to rely just on the DVR.

    2. What is the best way to capture and copy programs already recorded on this DVR. I've seen several threads and they seem to suggest the requirement of some kind of hardware. However, my impression is that the receiving units are simple processors that communicate with the DVR across the existing local area network. Therefore, a direct USB connection, while faster, should not be required. I suspect therefore, that it should be possible to simply have a software solution that allows the PC to emulate a receiver or DVR unit and play back the video on the PC and then copy it. This might have to be done real time (since the feature is primarily for playing in real time). We had to have our DVR replaced once and lost all the programs on it. It would have been nice to have been able to either copy them to the new DVR or to a PC. If you can get the PC to function as the DVR then you would have the added feature (perhaps) of being able to reach the DVR remotely across the Internet and asking it to record your programs. I imagine solutions may take several approaches:

    A. DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM THE UNIT - This would involve some sort of hardware that allows you to directly read off the DVR presumably through a direct USB connection to the unit.

    B. RECEIVER EMULATION ACROSS THE LAN - This would involve software and perhaps some hardware on the PC connected to the LAN to allow it to emulate a receiver and play back the DVR video and perhaps record it real time or in the best case scenario record it faster.

    C. OTHER LAN connection - This would involve taking advantage of the LAN connection to directly identify THE DVR and review and copy programs recorded on it. It would involve finding the IP address of the unit and having the correct software to access and then copy the programs that are recorded on it. One nice feature of this is that you might even be able to do this remotely outside of the LAN, clearly the iphone and web applications that allow you to program the DVR remotely are somehow reaching the DVR.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
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    I have comcast not at&t but here is my take on your recording issues.

    You will need to do real time capturing directly from the dvr. I am nearly certain you will not be able to use a capture card independently of the dvr as you would in the old days of analog cable.

    In this case you will need to play back the recorded program and dub in realtime through either a dvd recorder or a capture card/device on your computer. This would mean anything on the screen would be recorded (which could be problematic if there are on screen popups while playback is occuring).

    Also that would mean you would have to record live programming the same way - realtime dubbing while the event is in progress.

    I am nearly certain it won't allow you to simply copy the recorded show via lan and convert afterwords. though tivo used to be able to in the tivo 2 series - there may still be a similar option in the high def models but I don't have one so I can't comment.

    You're only alternative may be firewire. There may be a firewire output port on the dvr that is active and allows for capture to a pc via firewire. But that would also require realtime capturing with firewire.

    This is mostly supposition on my part but if they are ANYTHING like the cable dvr's these will be the restrictions you will face.

    You should be able to record high def if you have high def services via component cables assuming your model dvr has component outputs and you have a recording device that accepts component input cables (such as a hauppuage hd pvr).
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