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  1. I have convertXtoDvd4. I burn movies and etc. I need to know how to burn complete tv series without having to push play after each episode basically it will play them all together one after another.
    Also I have some audio books and want to do the same thing, where they will play one after another. Hopefully you can tell me what I can do to my convertXtoDvd software to do this also any other tidbits. Im kinda a newbie in some ways,but good in other areas.
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    Click on Settings -> DVD menus and tick Play titles one after the other.

    You may not realise this, but ConvertXtoDVD is for creating DVD Video discs. The operative word is VIDEO. It cannot processaudio files on their own, as they have no video content.

    Do you really want to create a DVD of your audio books ? Most DVD players will play MP3 files, so if you convert your audio books to MP3 and burn them as data to either a CD or DVD you will be able to listen to them.
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