Just thought I would post this for some people wondering if purchasing nero 10 is worth it, specificly for the introduction of cuda into nero vision. I bought nero 10 thinking maybe this new version of nero vision was worth it, and let me tell you , if you haven't guessed already, it's not worth it ! I can see how nero is trying to get a hold of the cuda market and they are heading in the right direction but what this newest version most importantly lacks is bitrate settings for audio and of course most importantly , speed.

When I say they are heading in the right direction I am refurring to some key features , they have implimented lc-aac he-aac 5.1 which is a big step for consumer products with cuda encoding and of course you can minipulate video frame rate, bitrate and resolution up to full scale 1080 and there is extensive video editing features and filters.

My beef with this program is that I encoded a standard vob file set for 6000 kbps and it took 40 + minutes and left me with a 77kbps audio file... enough said. Standard def encoding with mediacoder takes about 20 minutes . It is a new release so maybe in future updates this will be improved, but for anyone interested in nero 10 for this feature alone, stay away for now.