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  1. I have just installed a Pioneer DVR-A03 in a high end computer that I had built as per my specs. The Pioneer will play CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs but I get an error message when I try to access a Pioneer DVD-R in the drive. I put a new DVD-R in the drive and tried to access it through Windows Explorer but I get the message "G:/ is not accessible. Incorret function". When the DVD-R is in the drive the Disc light is yellow instead of green. I tried another new DVD-R and received the same message.

    I read elsewhere of another guy who had this same problem. He said he removed the bundled software and reinstalled it and the problem vanished. I have removed the software but still cannot read a DVD-R.

    I have upgraded to the 1.68 firmware.

    I have searched this site but haven't seen anything to help.

    A response which helps me solve the problem would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. i am not sure if this will help you, buti had a similar problem with my pioneer 104 dvd-r deck (actually my regualr cdr deck as well).
    i just bought a new PC with windows xp, both drives seemed to work, however whenver i put in a disc in either drive it said it could not read the disc or that it was corrupt (which they were not).
    i found a rather intersteing program in windows xp, if you go to control panel their is a choice fotr an option called "disc detector". I enabled it on and now both drives see anything i put in. Why this is the way it is, is beyond me. Hope that helps--
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  3. Thanks for the response mazinz but the Control Panel in my XP Professional doesn't have a Disk Detector icon and I can't find a reference to it anywhere. I just performed a Windows update but the Pioneer still doesn't recognize a DVD-R. I can put CD-Rs, CD-RWs and DVDs in the drive and after a ten second scan the Disc light will turn green. However, after scanning a DVD-R the light is yellow indicating to me that the drive has a problem with DVD-Rs.
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  4. Having read the operating instructions I now realize that the steady orange light indicates there is a recordable disk in the drive. I am going to continue playing with this. At this point I don't know if I have a problem or not.
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  5. Have you wriiten anything on the DVD-Rs you're putting in the drive ?
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  6. I haven't written anything on the disk yet but that is another story (see my post in the Authoring and Burning forum).
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  7. to access the disc detector you have to go to the control panel, and then in the upper left-hand corner there is a selection that says...
    'Switch to Classic View' or something-or-other, you have to select this to be able to see the disc detector. (ALL version of XP have this applet inthe control panel)
    C'Ya... Zero10
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  8. FJpenney
    If you have no file structure written to the disk the drive has nothing to mount. Do you have a DVD-R disk with something written on it?
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  9. Thanks Zero10.

    I don't have anything written to the disk nor do I have a DVD-R with anything written on it. I am away from home for a day or so but when I get back I'll switch the Control Panel to Classic View and turn on the Disk Detector. Even though the DVD-R has nothing written on it I thought Windows Explorer would still access it but I guess it can't.
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  10. are you trying to UDF packet write to the DVD-R like you can a DVD-Ram disk?
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  11. I am using MyDVD 2.3 which came with the DVR-A03 to burn to the DVD-R. I finally burned on video file last night after first encoding it with TMPGEnc.

    The process of converting home video from a camcorder tape to a VHS-C isn't close to being as simple as it should be. I think I have it figured out now but I pity anyone who is not highly computer literate. If it wasn't for forums on the internet I doubt I would have ever figured out how to get MyDVD to work.
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  12. I have finally achieved success!! With my ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 I am capturing video from a camcorder using a bitrate of 13.84Mbps (MPEG-2). I then use TMPGEnc using 2 Pass VBR and Motion Search Precision set to High. The resulting file will burn without MyDVD crapping out. The quality of the DVD isn't as good as the camcorder tape but I think it is as good as I can get it.

    Anyone wanting to know more about TMPGEnc can find a tutorial on this site.

    If anyone can refer me to a Canadian store which sells DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs for good prices I would appreciate the info. I have to pay a small fortune for them.
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