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    I'm relatively new to HD video editing and I have been suprised how difficult it has been to find any software that will carry out what I thought was a relatively simple editing task:-

    Source: 720p AVCHD Lite shot on a Panasonic camera (.m2ts container file) 3 x 30 second clips
    1. Load the clips into a timeline
    2. Trim the clips
    3. Join the clips with a simple crossfade transition
    4. Output to AVCHD files or burn an AVCHD disc
    Number 3 seems to be a real problem - the software seem to offer 100s of transition but no simple crossfade. I don't want to have the next clip fading in diagonally in the shape of a dog!!

    Number 4. Most software doesn't offer AVCHD output, you are forced to convert it

    So far I've tried:

    Nero Multimedia Suite 10 - no simple crossfade - ony fade in left or diagonal
    AVS4you - looked promising but the only AVCHD was to output as Blu-ray, unfortunately the 80m stream file played for 2 seconds then stopped abrubtly
    Neo 2 Booster looked good, but was too complicated and expensive
    Arcsoft - no AVCHD output in the editing software
    plus several others

    Any suggestions gratefully received.............
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    If this is a one-off project, download the demo version of Vegas for the editing. Output as 720p MP4, then use TSMuxer or Multi-AVCHD to author the disc (TSMuxer if you don't need a menu)
    Read my blog here.
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    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 for editing. A simple cross-fade is as easy as pushing the right-hand clip (event, as Vegas calls it) into the left clip on the timeline - and you will see fade indicators grow as you drag the one clip into the other. Works nicely. Version 9 fully supports HD output formats where 8 did not. I saw some sales on VMS9 - they are probably clearing out for a version 10 release.

    I also wanted high definition AVCHD output on conventional DVDs WITH AUTHORING and I couldn't get this until I downloaded the new Nero 10 suite. Nero Vision Xtra as they are calling it will receive the .m2ts MPEG4 AVCHD file from Vegas without complaint. Nero Vision 5 in Nero 8 would not do this without crashing. Nero Vision 10 produces outstanding AVCHD video when you set the AVCHD codec for Best quality and 2-pass VBR encoding. If your source file is MPEG4 then it will smart-render. It uses all four cores on my Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.
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