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  1. Hi all, I hope someone can help please.

    My digital camera records video in 640x480 with 30fps in AVI MJPEG (which I believe is all progressive)
    If also records video in 1280x720 with 24fps in AVI MJPEG (which I believe is also progressive)

    The majority of my footage is at the lower resoluton of 640x480 but I want to incorporate the 1280x720 HD footage into it via Adobe Premiere CS3 and frame serve the final results to TmpgEnc.

    I think I am fine with everything - except I have been trying to figure out for 2 days how to convert the 720 HD footage from 24fps to 30fps.

    TmpgEnc Xpress 4 will let me perform a 3:2 Pulldown but it means converting it to MPEG and wont perform a pulldown and output an AVI (?)

    I have been reading everywhere but the vast majority of info out there is to preform an inverse telecine and I dont want that. I want the 24fps converting up to 30fps.

    My thinking now is that avisynth is the best way to do it but I am completely lost and cant get my head around scripting or how to write a script that would work to do what I need.

    I would VERY MUCH appreciate ANY help on this please folks.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. There are a few methods for changing frame rate of an AVI file:

    1) Just change the frame rate in the header from 24 fps to 30 fps. The video will run 25 percent faster, audio will not. So they will get out of sync. Playback will be smooth.

    2) Duplicate every 4th frame and set the frame rate to 30 fps. Playback will show several small jerks every second.

    3) Create 5 frames from every 4 by mixing a little of each frame together. Playback will be smoother than #2 but you may see double exposure like images.

    4) Hard 3:2 pulldown.

    AviFrate can do #1 in a few seconds. Just open the file, change the rate, and save. The original file is updated with the new frame rate.

    VirtualDub can do #1 and #2 without reencoding.

    For #1:

    File -> Open Video File
    Video -> Direct Stream Copy
    Video -> Frame Rate... at the top of the dialog enable "Change Frame Rate To" and set the rate 30
    File -> Save As AVI... a new file is created
    For #2:

    File -> Open Video File
    Video -> Direct Stream Copy
    Video -> Frame Rate... in the middle of the dialog enable "Convert To FPS" and set the rate to 30
    File -> Save As AVI... a new file is created
    AviSynth can do all four but you will be reencoding:

    For #1:

    For #2:

    For #3:
    For #4:
    SelectEvery(8, 0,1,0, 3,2, 5,4,5, 6,7)
    TMPGEnc Express will probably do #2 for AVI output.
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  3. Hey jagabo,
    If your reply was half as good as it actually was then I would have been really happy with the help - but that reply giving all the options is just SUPERB.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to detail all that - your expertise and time is great appreciated.
    Once again - many thanks!!!!!!
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  4. I'm glad you found my reply helpful.
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