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    Hi All!
    I'm glad to introduce new version of Bombono DVD, 0.5.10. New features:

    * Translations: Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Danish, Russian
    * 16:9 menus
    * Poster Link
    * 'Safe Area' frame
    * Multiple items align for editor
    * Automatic chaptering
    * Mux feature with mplex: "Project->Mux"
    * Play current position from Timeline, in media player (Totem)
    * 'Post Action' feature for video
    * User frames(buttons)
    * Program preferences

    I need your feedback how good Bombono works before 0.6 release.
    For Ubuntu, try binaries by installing bombono-dvd-testing package from PPA on Launchpad.
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  2. Hi ilya!
    Congratulations on making the 1st DVD authoring application that worked for me! At least for the past year. A few years ago I used to use MS DVD Maker. But then it's no longer supported in Windows 10, and whatever else I have tried in Ubuntu has not done the job either. Thank God someone in a forum somewhere suggested your program, and it did work!

    Now I just got to convince the person that asked to make this DVD to buy Bombono so she won't have the watermark showing.

    I wanted to ask you, how can I increase the video's volume? The videos in the DVD show someone singing. Originally these videos where shot with just a cheap cellphone. When I play the resulted DVD in my TV I have to increase the volume quite a bit to get to hear it. Could you share some tips on how to increase the sound's volume before I burn the DVD?

    Thanks in advance
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    Good luck getting a reply.

    The author has not been active here for over 6 years.

    And if he feels he needs to put a watermark over the video to entice people to buy - there are plenty of free programs which do work if you put sufficient effort in to them - goodness knows what he is also doing to the sound - it is IMHO better avoided.

    And if I was a customer of yours being asked to pay for the program that you are using you would soon be shown the door. Business does not work that way.
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