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  1. i copied a dvd that came with a chinese karaoke dvd player. I guess it is dual layer (8+Gb)dvd and made an ISO file copy of it in my computer. I tried mounting the ISO as a virtual drive but i cant find out what software or player to work with it. I tried looking into the contents of the iso file or dvd but only one file (cdrun.exe) is inside that doesnt work at all. I guess the rest of the contents like midi and stuff may be hidden just like an audio cd. Is there any workaround i can do to play that dvd or iso file in my computer? please help!
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    Can you play the iso file using vlc player?
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  3. yes i did, vlc reads almost all kinds of video mediums but it didn't work for this one. i tried searching for different kinds of dvd formats that may be similar to this kind of dvd. i presume its like a cd-g but in dvd format. And i just cant get the cdrun.exe to work.
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