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  1. Hei

    after reading and searching the forum and try near every possible setting I have to ask:

    found and looked special to:
    - ffmepx-ipod-and-subtitle
    - No-subtitels
    - Wont-let-me-change-subtitle

    is it not possible to get subtitle in a mp4, mov or avi Videofile that can be looked in QT Player, VCL or other Player?
    if Subtitle are burned in or just added to the file is all the same but it must be visible.

    with the original mpeg2 (eyeTV DVB recording with integrated teletext and/or dvb [sup] subtitle) that I exported teletext to .srt file ant then use ffmpegX to convert it to DVD subtitle are visible
    the .srt I got using projectX subtitle export option text to src

    if I use output to there is no subtitle and often no audio und sometimes for QT also no Movie but QT plays the file

    I have installed QT Pro, with the MPEG-2 Playback Component, perian and wmv player.

    Is it possible I do something wrong? or it is really not possible? Any suggestion?

    (I was using the Win Program avs4you converter what was looking nice but alway crashed by longer then 10min. movie )
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    You can use Subler or iSubtitle and put soft subs in a mp4 that should work in quicktime.
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  3. Thanks Baldrik

    Subler and iSubtitle looks to be a tool for text subtitles just easy:
    • export from eyeTV as "iPod"/ "AppleTV" ... (using turbo.264 encoder)
    • export srt with projectX
    • add srt with subler
    • + with iSubtitle: capture an artwork picture "by click"

    Subler: + more settings for subtitle
    iSubtitle: + easy set chapters with "every minute" function

    for the dvb subtitles (sup) looks more "complicated" and time consumption way:
    • with projectX make elementary streams
    • then create DVD with ???
    • then convert using handbreak to export to iPod/ AppleTV ...

    Just bad that there is now way (and if it is commercial) to export direkt from eyeTV mpeg File to "iPod"
    Most bad to all (in my eyes):
    • eyeTV can handle all that subtitle!
    • but loos it on export!
    • many people suggested for years on elgatos support forum about that - but they do not give any statement
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