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  1. Dear forum readers,
    my DVR-433H is faulty,
    when I tried to videoedit on a nearly full not unfregmanted HDD while recording (opps), it froze.
    Since I had no other option I unplugged the power cable, then replugged it.
    This "solution" (sooooorrry I know this is stuuupid) saved me several times.
    Once my recorder had to reinitialize the HDD, it was pain but at least a solution.
    But this time I'm in serious trouble:
    The player is in endless reboot cycle! powers on, indiciates power failure happened,
    tries to fix, then turns off, turn on, indiciates starting after power failure...
    tries to fix it, then turn off, turn on, indicates ..... etc.
    It can't fix itself.
    I would be happy even if it would start with the option to reinitialize the hdd.
    please help me !
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    I would suspect a problem with capacitors in the power supply section. If so, then that would be an easy fix for a competent technician.
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