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    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum as well as video editing.
    I just bought this new cam since I'll be leaving the country and wanted to take a lot of video during my travels. It came with ImageMixer SE Ver.6. I've took some video since I've had the cam to test it out and to see how it looks. When I go into the ImageMixer program though it seems to not want to work for me and it'll just hang there til I click on it and then it'll say it's not responding, thus me having to close the program out.
    I've tried restarting my laptop and running it again but I would get the same thing.
    Can anyone think of a reason why this is happening to me?
    And does anyone else here happen to have the same cam as me that could kinda guide me through all of this?
    Also, what is a good editing program for Windows Vista?
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    Hi Dnz

    I recently bought a Canon HFS 11. It came with ImageMixer 3 SE version 5. On Vista 64 it takes a while to search through the system looking for AVCHD files. Give it more time and it will come on.

    I have to say that this program is useless for editing.

    I have used a trial version of the commercial program Corel VideoStudio Pro X3. It did the job flawlessly om my MTS files.

    You could try TSMUXER or AVIDEMUX

    You will need a powerful PC to get the job done. A decent quad core processor would be very helpful.
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