hey guys
I just noticed now that when I use VSFilter (aka directvobsub) to show subtitles on MKV files, the output display of the movie is brighter.
when I disable the subtitle it displays like it should, a bit darker, colors not washed out.

is this a known issue with vsfilter or is something wrong with my settings?

what I do notice is that when opening the file without the VSFilter it changes the colors 2 times before setting the darker color that it should be in (really quick, like in 0.2 seconds and from bright black to dark-purple-like to real black), while when opening the mkv with the VSFilter it stops setting the color after the first one which is the brighter black.

It appears that VSFilter is disturbing a certain decoder I use from setting that final real black color (or brightness level).

decoders used are:
Haali Media Splitter
CoreAVC (with nVIDIA CUDA)
and AC3Filter which doesn't affect things here.

Any ideas? thanks and happy holidays