I have 2 of these receivers, one works well and the other I purchased from Amazon, "new" from some place in GA. The new one that I got with my set up package works well. The "new" one I purchased from Amazon was in a new box, everything sealed just like my 625 receiver that I got from Dish network. I have a few questions all pertaining to my second purchased receiver.

1.My second receiver turns off say ever 5 to 15 minutes.
2. My second receiver will not work with the switch that came with it, however if I just use direct to the LNB I get sat 119 just fine, and others I do not, due to the switch being out of the loop.
3. I can't set record for shows in the future, due to "not current guide"
4. The usb port, since this is a SD receiver, I can't pay the $40 fee and unlock that to transfer it to a external HD?
5. My original 625, I can watch any show I've DVR'ed, and not have to have the satellite hooked up. My second one, will still try and search for signal, and then power down in 5 to 15 min, even just watching my DVR'ed shows.

I am thinking the internal HD is bad, and not allowing it to download the current daily guide, and also is part of the constant reboot issue?
Thanks for the help. T