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  1. Hello, is there a program which allows an edit to occur which is activated from a selected subtitle?

    Here's how I would like it to happen, if anyone sees part of this process which has been implemented by some software please point it out.

    Let's say I want to make a quick video of people saying a characters name from a movie. The subtitle file has all the instances of the name, let's say 'Luke' in this example. This 'program' would do a textual search through the subtitle file to find all instances of 'Luke' and it would retrieve information like:

    00:10:29,325 --> 00:10:31,137
    Luke skywalker type?

    The subtitle start and stop points would be the quick and dirty edits points. Using them the program would dump just that part of the video into the timeline. (FCP hopefully)

    Is there a tool out there which could accomplish this?

    Afterwards the edits would be massaged, but at least a first step is taken.
    thanks in advance
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    I can't imagine anyone writing a editor program that could do that. But if your subs are text, it should be easy enough to do a text search on them and generate a list of subs with the keywords. Then if your video editor can jump to a inputted time, that may do it.
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