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  1. Hi!
    I have a friend who uses movie scenes for some classes (conferences) he gives. However, it's not very comfortable to put a DVD on the computer and then selecting the scene and playing it. He has most movies on DVDs and some others in AVIs.

    I wanted to know if there was an easy way (because he is not keen on computers, just an average user) to select the scenes and cutting them.

    So far, I've tried DVD Knife, which is very easy. But I cant load subtitles on it!! Is there any program that can cut the movie LOADING subtitles?

    The other option I thougt was converting his DVDs to Avis (Xvid)..(What easy, and free if possible, program do you recommend?) and then pasting the subtitles on them (hardcoding is the name? I would do it with AVI Recomp) and then, again, cutting the avi (Again, What easy, and free if possible, program do you recommend for this?).

    Thats all. The main objective is to make it the easier and shortest way. Thank you for your patience, and thanks in advance.
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    From experience, avidemux is (at least one of) the best avi editors out there.

    You can also use handbrake to hard code the subs.

    He could also author a dvd with only the exact scenes from several sources. They may also be placed in the order in which he needs them.
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