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  1. I was tinkering with the screen sizes and now I when I select full screen the video stays the same size and the rest is all black around. I uninstalled all codecs and MPC and reinstalled. Still the same. So???

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  2. While playing right click on the window (or pulldown the View menu) and select Video Frame -> Touch Window From Inside.
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  3. Thanks, worked great!
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    I've been going nuts trying to figure out how to get the clips to show with the black on the top and bottom or right and left instead of stretched to fit the screen for ages and could not figure it out. I know the files used to play correctly before. I have it set to touch window from inside so first I ticked set aspect ratio to 16:9 but that didn't look right so I clicked default and everything is back to normal. I don't know what happened to make all the files stretch to fill the screen. Obviously, anything over my screen size will have the sides cropped to fit the screen. Right now, I have it set to 1680x1050 cause most stuff is way to small if I set to optimum resolution of 2048x1152.
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  5. Originally Posted by DarrellS View Post
    I don't know what happened to make all the files stretch to fill the screen.
    View -> Video Frame -> Stretch to Window (distort)
    View -> Video Frame -> Touch Window from Outside (full screen, zoom and crop)
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