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  1. Heres a little story of how i wasted 5 hours for something everyone said is so easy and vcds are so "cool" .. well **** that .. and **** vcd .. im better off with a 6-head vcr than this shit ...

    Today i tried to convert a ******* normal SVCD MPG FILE to a normal ******* VCD MPG File ..

    So .. i use TMPGec as everybody recommends it... great .. it crashes after a few sec into converting.. .after some testing i noticed it crashes always at the same frame

    OK - so , people tell me i should try e.g. DVD2AVI ... well .. i dont know if any of you actually ever tried that software because its crap ... yes, its does the job , after using it i have a seperate *.mpa audio file and a *.d2v video file .. ok .. so i try to use TMPGen-Crap again to convert to VCD .. guess what happens... (and yes, i set video file *.d2v and audio *.mpa) .. it crashes at the same frame .. (14sec)

    So after some time i realized its the audios fault and i converted the svcd using tmpgenc into vcd WITHOUT audio ... it worked ... nice ... but i still need the audio ... so i tried multiplexing the video with the *.mpa file .. it crashed again ... ok .. so after some more "testing" someone told me to convert the audio to *.wav .. ok .. so i did .. the *.wav sounds FINE .. the Video (Tmpgemc VCD Conversion) looks FINE .. i now tried everything .. multiplexing .. de-multiplexing ... using the vcd file (not svcd) and the *.wav ... it WORKS... but the Audio is ****ED UP .. noisy and nothing like the normal *.wav ... (but its in sync, so thats not the problem)... well .. so , i einstein thought how about trying that *.d2v file with the *.wav file .. yes it worked ... but that VIDEO IS CRAP ..Sound is FINE .. but DVD2VIDEO is retarded .. as soon as someone moves through the picture or the camerea moves faster the picture looks "stretched" (dont know how to describe it) .. the TMPGenc picture is fine ...

    So .. now.. im fed up with that shit ... its mongo stuff ... all these programms are like bad "alpha" releases ... everyone i spoke to first seems to "know it all" but knows shit besides the standart bullshit TMPEGen "source video / source audio -> then push start" shit ...

    I know my english sucks, so sue me
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  2. I know my english sucks, so sue me
    At least your french.. uh.. does'nt suck
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  3. hmm .. actually .. now i somehow got it to work (sound is still not as good as it could be) ... its 4 oclock in the morning now... great day... spend it all for a nice encoding, ripping blabla... for ONE movie only...
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  4. weird, ive never had any problems like that. whenever i ripped/converted ive never run into any problems, i must just be that good. or it could be taht i read through the guides completely to understand what i was getting into before i started, then answering any questions i had before i start.
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    what a pus.
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  6. they forget to mention in the how to's, that common sense is required.
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  7. Hey man go ahead and use that great 4 head CRAP VHS VCR that can eat and distroy your $1 cheapo Crap VHS tape and then your memories are lost forever, or the CRAP VHS VCR will clogged one of its heads so what you recorded on those cheapo $1 CRAP VHS tapes is useless, in the short

    Tape is dead like the dinosaur

    Digital Recording on CD-R or DVD-R is the future

    So take some common sense speed a little quailty time and get it correct, like my perfect VCD's and SVCD's I make all the time.

    Goodbye and goodluck.
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  8. damn, that thxkid is a little homo.. but he's got the right idea.. dont be a little bitch and back out of this vcd battle.. sometimes when stuff dont work out for you, you have to stand up, take a deep breath, stare at the computer and say "bitch, if you dont do what i tell you i'm gonna knock yo ass unconcious and lock you in the closet for 2 days".. it always works..
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  9. Well some people are smart enough to do VCD and SVCD encoding and some are not Everyone nearly I'm sure has had a few bad disks but that didn't stop me from continuing to learn the process. I'm now pretty good at it!
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  10. LOL!

    As what shwinn said.

    S/VCD creation is a hobby and as such is supposed to be enjoyable.

    If you don't find it enjoyable then don't do it!

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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  11. Blablabla... yeah .. burning VCD on CD-R is the future ... haha... wake up ... it probably was the future in 1995.

    Besides, a good 6-Head VCR beats a VCD anytime in terms of quality and i dont even want to compare a S-VHS Recorder to the VCDs.

    VCD/SVCD are a hobby like someone wrote - its fun when everything works out and its nice to have a movie on "cd" instead of tape. Without the Internet / File-Sharing System etc. VCD would be already DEAD years ago.

    Anyway, so now, i managed to get the svcd to vcd (but audio is still "ok" only) .. so i put it in to watch ... but on the second cd (i had 2 svcds made into 2 vcds) i noticed very very very BAD out of sync audio ... the irst ones fine ...and yes i did all the "multiplexing , de-multiplexing etc." ... so .. after some time i noticed that (2nd cd) the MPG File (without sound) which was ripped from the svcd mpg had not the same running length as the seperatly ripped audio file (but SVCD MPG time was extacly like the VCD MPG).
    And anytime i try to rip the audio (tmepg , dvd2avi) i dont get the same running time as the video ...
    Other problem is , i noticed that when i rip the video only i dont have the same running time as the source either... what the **** .. its off by a few sec ...
    So .. vcd is still crap
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  12. Might want to try some of the commercial software packs like Ulead, Pinnacle and MGI. You can get a functional trial version from Ulead website. As far as comparing VHS to VCD, if you know anything about Video, you should understand the differences between the two. VHS is 240 lines of resolution, SVideo is 400(a true SVideo that is), DV is 500, VCD is 240. However the pixels or elements, on an VHS analog tape are round and are square on a digital VCD(explained to me by a Video engineer. Look close). You are comparing 240 to 400. Duh! If you want good quality you need to make DVD's. As for that 6 head, 3rd set is for erasing. Rather than spending a lot of time trying to make a VCD what it is not, I focus on learning editing and process skills. VHS Video tape shelf life is around 10-15 years if you're lucky. DV tape will last longer. CD media will last up to 50-100 years so it is claimed. if you want to save your precious VHS images, you better archive them to DV. As for the language, not gonna keep any jobs using it. It seems you already have a mindset that is going to always hold you back and you will forever remain stuck in the analog world.

    (Know I'm gonna get some feedback on this. That's ok. You engineers out there let's hear from you).
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    you've obviouly lost the adrenlin of VCD/SVCD, bummer

    VCD/SVCD creation (will always be) a time consuming hoppy (till you
    mastered it) You haven't!!

    For most sain people (like yourself) we R all crazy and have no life!

    LOL, with your 6-head VCR - LOL, old tech.
    I have an S-VHS, works ok, but I'd never tape all my show and things
    to watch it via tape.

    I started out wishing I had a better way of finding scenes quickely
    and wanting better quality, (well, maybe) and, etc., etc., etc.
    Here I am today, reaping the benefits of MY dream!!!!
    But, it didn't happen over night! You want it to happen over night.
    You R Prob those people that think that if I find or get my hands on
    a good "template" that all my encode (vcd/svcd) will be perfect!
    Wake up and smell the Woffels (CDs) or coffee for you!!
    There is NO such thing as perfect "template" though some of the times
    the same template will work with your encode projects. You just have
    to make the decision to accept those movies/tv captures don't come out
    the same as yesterdays encodes with your so called perfect template.

    So far, there are two kinds of encodes based on sources:
    * one is for DVD sources
    * other is for Captures

    The dvd sources always be the best.
    You said soemthing about converting a "normal" svcd mpeg file into
    a vcd and in short, you had problems. Well, maybe THAT svcd file
    was no up to par to begin with!
    Almost always, when you re-encode an mpeg file (svcd or vcd) you will
    get poor quality. Why? because...
    * you are re-rencoding an already encoded file which has lost most
    of the quality from where ever the source came from, and who knows if
    that source (where ever you got it from) was a dvd source or worse yet,
    from a DIVx or lessor mpeg source. So, what ever quality is left in
    your svcd mpeg file, is only going to give you even lessor quality.
    And, the lessor the quality to begin with, the more unpredictable and
    problems you will encounter... hence, your situation with your svcd

    as for your dvd2avi projects... the only thing i can say is you have a
    quirky setup (system)

    Yes, in your case, i'd have to agree with you. stick with your 6-head
    VCR for now on.

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