I'm developing a website that lists all channels in DVB frequencies with detailed PID resolutions and bitrates.

Do you know any FREE tool that could analyze a tuned frequency and output all detailed in a simple format like XML or CVS (so that it could parse it )

I found many: tsreader is ok, the free edition outputs in HTML that could easily parse, the only thing missing is that the bitrate refers only on the instant time.

I tried dvbsnoop for linux...the outputs are IMHO so complicated than analyzing them would take more than me putting all the data on the site manually.

Then there is the good old ProjectX that gives you the min/avg/bitrate if you record a TS, but the output is difficult to organize, plus I have to set the PIDs manually!

There's DGIndex too that shows you bitrates detailed but I haven't found a way to output them in a file and to select ALL PIDs together .

Any suggestion? I pretend automation if you didn't notice

I wonder what sites like http://www.linowsat.de/ use to automatically do everything!