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  1. Rancid User ron spencer's Avatar
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    I am currently using an external drive hitched up to my staellite reciver as a great!!!

    However, is there an external hard drive that, when not in use after a while, will automatically go to sleep? The one I have now will always run.
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    My Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500GB disc does go to sleep by itself. This is in spite of the fact that I have set Windows to not turn off hard drives. I actually find it a bit annoying to have to wait for it to wake up every time. Wanna trade?

    Note that mine is two years old now. I don't know if newer models behave the same.
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  3. Here in the USA a External drive hooked up to a HR series DirecTV DVR will always run as it is always being used. A External hooked up to a Dishnetwork DVR can go to sleep. Since I don't know where you are that is all I can offer.
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