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  1. could someone please explain the differences between Hcenc types in avs2dvd (basic-intermediate desc.)... I'm mostly wondering whether or not there is a quality difference because there is a huge difference in time... for example I could burn the same movie (say m2ts) with the hcenc OVR which finishes a 1:20 movie in like 40mins... the two pass HCenc vbr tends to make take double the input duration.... is this normal or should I understand some basic things first? I'm freakin newb and it sucks cuz this program seems so decent compared to avs4you... which I never have a problem with but the quality is always better with Avs2dvd. Time isn't an issue (except when I spend 4 hrs transcoding and it ends up erroring) so if theres a noticable quality difference I'm down with letting the comp take its time... however if we're talking 15 % quality I don't notice much on my output dvds and assume that most of my BDrips end up somewhere around normal dvd quality after this process....
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  2. You can start by looking at AVStoDVD Help section:

    'Help'/'How to use it'/'Preferences Window'/'Encoding'/'Setup Video Profile'


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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    Basically, two-pass means the video is processed twice. The first pass analyzes the video to determine the best allocation of the available bitrate. The second pass refines this analysis and does the actual encoding. So yes, it will take twice as long (approximately) as a single pass encode. That said, the more you try to put on a disc, the better the outcome will be is you use two-pass encoding.

    Personally, if it is 65 - 70 minutes or less I will usually settle for a single pass. If it is more than that I will use two-passes.
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  4. I appreciate your time guns1inger... So far you have led me to many paths of education. Thats what I figured... I have encoded both ways and really with my dl's being mostly m2ts I have found that I should have some sort of baseline.. (for me) the 1pass encodes at high enough quality that the difference is unnoticeable (to me).... and it does save me at least around an 1-1.5 hrs. If you have time could you possibly look into my encoding problems concerning said m2ts... I just posted a new problem log.. in "conversion" forum... I can't figure out for the life of me why seemingly exact input files (concerning br and input audio and video sources) sometimes have an issue... maybe only 20% of the time but if I can narrow it down my personal experience should be great with problems stem from the wavi+aften audio encode rather than 1pass or 2pass video questions... I can't understand why some pass and some not... my ratio is great as far as cheap is concerned but I'd rather understand the next step into the process of avs2dvd enlightenment. Why does wavi+aften faile so often on my random files which input wise seem to be the same?
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