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  1. I recently downloaded some torrents of a tv show. They have 10 shows each and the total size is 3.47 g. They were mpeg4 files. Using Easy DVD Creator, I added the 10 files.

    They were converted to .vob (audio_ts and video_ts), but the message came up that there wasn't enough room for the files and it did not burn the DVD.

    Do mpeg files get larger upon conversion? I am trying to burn these shows to send to my daughter, who does not get this channel with her satellite.

    I cannot afford to purchase another burning program. Can you please help me?
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    As a general rule, you can fit between 2 - 3 hours of downloaded material to a DVD when converting to DVD video. The more you try to put on, the lower the quality. You can do things like resizing to half D1 to fit even more on, but the quality will take a hit. While there are no absolutes, my rule of thumb was 3 45 - 50 minute episodes, or 6 25 minute episodes, depending on the source quality. if the source quality was high, I might only put two episodes to a disc.

    So put less per disc, and you will get a better outcome. Get your authoring program to create the Video_TS structure on your HDD, then burn to quality media with Imgburn.
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