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  1. I had e-mail TDK tech support about being able to overburn an 80+ & 80++ CDs to 90 & 99 min (respectively). They said it could be done using Nero (which I have) but he also mentioned that it may damage the CD writer

    Does anyone have any extra info on this ? I just go the CD writer and wouldn't want to break it the first week.

    I understand that overburning passes design specs but is it the design specs of the burner or the CD- media ?

    thanks for any help
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    I wouldn't attempt it, unless someone else on here has had other experiences. TDK gets very upset about things. LOL
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  3. Max overburn on the TDK is about 89 mins.

    Between 1-3 mins should not cause any problems

    When you get upto 88-89 mins you are reaching the very edge of the laser writing area so may cause problems in writing.
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  4. I have a TDK Velo cd-writer 16x 10x 40x, I have had it for almost a year now and have burned a few 99-min cd's with no problems. also 80-min
    cd's overburned with no problems.
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