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  1. I was just wondering what the best format to convert dvd's or bluray disks to, most of my stuff is xvid and its easy to repair if the sound is out of sync which happens all to often in my book, and there seems more tools for xvid, the quality seems ok aswell, i have downloaded a few mp4 bluray rips, some of the audio is out of sync and very hard to repair by the looks of it, quality is good in a smaller size i have only downloaded a couple of mkv so dont know how easy they are to repair but these seem to have a higher size than avi and mp4.

    At the moment i prefer xvid, but mp4 seems to be good aswell just not as available as xvid.

    Any thoughts

    Thanks in advance
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    If all the mp4/mkv files you have downloaded are out of sync then you are either downloading crap on a regular basis, or you have greater problems at the system level.

    There is no absolute correct answer to your question, because there are many factors to be considered. Putting aside the sync issue, because if you know what you are doing you won't have this problem, other questions you need to ask are

    What will these files be played back with - DVD player, console, media player, HTPC ?

    What is more important - quality or size ?

    Do you need surround audio ?

    Do you want HD ?

    Do you think that a 100 minute movie stored in a 700MB Xvid file looks and sound as good as a DVD ?
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  3. Well not all the files i download are out of sync i had 3 or 4 mp4's in one go but mostly tv programs are always out of sync.

    All files will be played back on my pc, if its blu-ray then quality is important, dont need surround sound but want to be able to hear the voices at a good sound level unlike most blurays i have downloaded most have had really bad voice quality, only bluray is hd so yeah i would want to keep that.

    Some films at that are 100mins - 700mb look alot better than other films i have had some great quality but others are very pixilated
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