Forgive me if this is not the correct forum to post this in. I figured as this is part of the whole video conversion process I might have luck here.

I have been using eac3to for about a year now, with almost no problems. I get the occasional bluray movie that gives me odd audio that I haven't figured out how to fix, but that is not why I'm here. I ripped all of my lost season 5 bluray movies to a HDD, used TSMUXER to seperate out the video stream I want like normal......started up eac3to like normal and everything was fine for episode one.

I shut down the computer and went to bed. The next night I tried episode 2. I am now getting an error that says "this audio conversion is not supported". I tried to do episode 1 again, the one I did the previous night and am getting the same error message. The ONLY thing that happened when I shut down the computer was an installation of windows vista updates.

I figured before I go poking around I'd ask here and see what you guys have to say.

BTW the file I'm trying to convert is - DTS master audio; english; 5.1 channels; 24 bits; 48 khz