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    I've been searching everywhere in the forums for some general support on an issue I have. I have a Sony AVCHD camera of which I have captured several videos to my MAC. As you may already be aware, when i perform a video capture onto my MAC the video then appears as multiple MOV. files within the folder I have created. The problem or help i need is to understand is what format to convert the files into without any loss of picture quality.
    I guess the question is what video format am I looking to play back on? i have a blu ray player, a Popcorn Hour, Mac and PC, apple TV.

    The thing is im trying to achieve the impossible however what do most people use do once they've recorded some home recorded material on their HD cameras. Are they creating 1 large file maybe like MKV file or hd file of some kind (m2ts?). there doesn't unless mistaken seem to be any information about how to do this anywhere or what the best compression is. . The only option I currently have is to export via imovie / quicktime and choose the highest settings. Unfortunately despite best efforts cannot get the settings correct and the end result is a video which is not as clear as the native footage. What am I doing wrong and do you have any suggestions. Another thought was, should I not rip my video to the MAC? or would I be better off using Windows and alternative software?

    Any help would be appreciated

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  2. No need to double post. You should actually have posted in the mac forum.

    Do you have imovie or final cut? These would be the best to use to import your video into the mac. Normally after I have edited, I export back out to my hdv camera.

    Welcome to the forums.
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