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  1. HI Gurus!

    I have a fairly fresh win XP installation with a fully functional LG DVD-ROM. Until yesterday that is :(
    I installed a CD-RW (also LG). XP found new hardware and seemed to install it properly, however after a reboot both units are maked as non working in the hardware list. I have tried to uninstall and let windows reinstall them, but windows complains about the drivers not working. When I try to update the drivers it says the current drivers are up to date.

    During the same day I installed ASPI drivers, could this be the problem?

    What to do??

    Any help appreciated!

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  2. Is it possible that you are using a motherboard for AMDs with VIA chipset? It seems like in combination with a Sound Blaster Live there come some ugly conflicts with the IDE controllers which **** anything up badly. Had the same problem here and without fiddeling on the BIOS settings you won't get anywhere. You can try installing the latest drivers + BIOS update, but I doubt it'll help...

    Otherwise. Did you make plug the DVD on the board the wrong way (both drives are on one channel and both are masters or slaves)?
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  3. Im running a P4@1600MHz. But I'd better check the BIOS settings anyway. It's strange though, cause windows do detect both drives, but none is useable.

    The drives are connected to the same IDE-bus, one as Master and the other as Slave. Sounds like I have to try different combinations here as well.

    XP is my suspect, haven't heard too much good about it.

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  4. Microsoft did release a patch for their WinXP IDE Driver some time ago. Test it.
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  5. Guest
    I'll look into that.

    Thanx again.
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  6. Update:

    Tried different combinations: only DVD-ROM/CD-RW connected to IDE-bus, forced windows to recreate used driver files (CDROM.SYS etc.), still not working. If I uninstall the units and let windows search for new hardware it will find both, but is for some reason unable to install the drivers properly. BUT using VCDEasy w/ CDRDAO and ASPI driver works great!

    Strange behavior! I think some program (perhaps a failed installation of Roxio EasyCDC) has messed up XP somewhere, so I figure reinstallation of XP is the only way to go.

    I Never found that IDE-driver patch for XP. :(
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  7. Yes!

    Finally got it working, without reinstalling win XP! It was Easy CD creator that messed up the windows registry. (Uninstall, yeah right!)

    Here's how to solve it:;en-us;Q314060

    The path in my case wasn't the exact same as in the example above, but easily found when you know what to look for.

    Case closed!

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  8. **** easy cd creator.. jesushit
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  9. lol,
    jeex says it all :P
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