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  1. Hi Gang - hoping for some guidance moving forward. I've been using DVD Shrink and NTI DVD Maker or Nero 6 on Memorex +R's - all have been working fine in my old DVD Player.

    The Sony BDP-360 says "Invalid" on many (but not all) of my backups... - some play fine.

    Any thoughts as to how to determine the best combination of Rip/burn and media so my future DVD backups will work on my Blu-ray player?

    Thanks for any insight

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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Try different media and also DVD-R instead of dvd+r.
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  3. - Yup - that sounds like my next move - I just wasn't sure if there were any particular rip/burn settings that were the key to this - thanks for chiming in
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  4. I understand from an av installer friend that sony blu ray players are picky about playing burnt dvd's
    PAL/NTSC problem solver.
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  5. Excluding the possibility that your burner is at fault, your problem is:

    Burning second-class media with Nero.

    I have the same set-top player as you (2 of them, actually) and have burned, oh, at least 70-80 Memorex DVD+Rs the last year without a coaster and all play fine on the Sony BDP-S360. Mind you, I don't trust them for anything important. I use them for AVCHD backups that I can re-do at will from my library. Memorex DVD+Rs are usually made by CMC Magnetics.

    Try this:

    1) Burn DVD-Video with ImgBurn only. Forget Nero.
    2) Burn at 8x speed.
    3) DVD+R *may* be a problem, personally I booktype mine to DVD-ROM with ImgBurn. I'm not sure I ever tried to play a DVD+R on those players that wasn't booktyped.

    Good luck.

    [EDIT] And welcome to the forum. And on further reflection, corrected #3 above.
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  6. Sony players are picky about media, try a DVD-R and burn with ImgBurn.
    These are NTSC DVD's you are backing up right?

    EDIT: fritzi93 beat me to it.
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  7. I'm a Super Moderator johns0's Avatar
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    I have a sony bdp-350 and it plays any type of media i've burned,the only time it didnt play was when the burner was having problems which got replaced.
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