I am running MCE2005...I have no problem playing Blu-ray ISO's in Powerdvd but here is what I have to do. I select the Blu-Ray movie in Mymovies. It will load the ISO file into virtual clone drive. Then I have to go back to the main screen and select the Powerdvd title in order to launch Powerdvd. Then I have to move the mouse to the side because for some reason whenever I begin a Blu-ray in Powerdvd, the arrow cursor ends up in front of Powerdvd in the middle of the screen. How can I select the Blu-ray movie in Mymovies and then not only will it load the ISO but also auto Boot Powerdvd? I also run into problems when I play a DVD from Media center then switch to a Blu-Ray. I usually have to completly reboot my PC in order for the codecs to run proplerly. Any ideas?