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  1. I notice when I use BDSup2Sub it will export .ifo/.sup pair. Also when I load a .sup in DVDSubEdit it will ask for the .ifo file. I haven't been able to find a FAQ or info specific to the .sup format and what is actually in the .ifo file.

    I notice though, that authoring with just the .sup often produces funky colors that have to be fixed with PgcEdit or other tool. But many authoring/conversion programs don't even look for the .ifo. Anyone know what the skinny is or a good reference for related info?

    It's got to have something to do with color conversion or palette or something?
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  2. It just strikes me weird because it seems like every time I supply a .sup file to a DVD authoring program I get a mixed florescent red/blue color that's like trying to read a photographic negative. Seems bizarre that it always happens.
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  3. Originally Posted by hatetea58 View Post
    If you load any other palette based image format (like GIF, PCX, whatever) and exchange the palette with a random palette, the result will be the same.
    The impression I get though, is that nobody is getting weirdo subtitle colors using .sup. Every author of every conversion program I've brought it up to acts like it's unheard of.

    Oh well, probably one of those things like why does the bread land butter side down all the time.

    As long as I can fix it with PgcEdit then no loss.
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