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  1. Hello. After my mother passing away in the US in December, I began to work on her memorial album here in the UK. I created it using windows movie maker then converting it to PAL and NTSC using AVS. I have pormised many relatives and friends in the US a copy of it when I had finished. How can I be certain that the NTSC discs I have created will play on DVD players in the US? Nowhere can I find any reference in AVS to "regional settings".

    One additional question. On my old version of Nero 5 or 6 I think. There was a tool that would scan any undamaged disc and give ALL the information about that disc including the manufacturer format, just about everything. The latest version of Nero seems to be missing that tool. Any suggestions or plugins available? I never realized how handy that tool was for identifying media espically those pesky un-labled discs that we all have lying about.

    Thanks very much. Sorry if I've asked a question already answered. I did make an effort to search befor asking.

    Willy Bee
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    You can download the tool free from Nero. It is called disc speed.

    Most home authoring tools and cheap encoders do not put a region code on the disc (or more specifically, author it as All Regions), so you are unlikely to run into any problems. That said, a small minority of older players did not even recognise the All Region setting correctly, and required a region be set. Programs like DVD Shrink got around this by actually setting every region. I don't know what AVS is - I assume it is not avisynth, but maybe AVS Video Converter - so I can't tell you how good it might be at authoring. I certainly wouldn't use it for anything more than converting youtube clips.

    That said, if you want to set a region for these discs, open the output from AVS Converter in DVD Shrink, set all the regions to on, and output a new ISO for burning with Imgburn.
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  3. Thanks guns. I took all your advise. Thanks for takin' the time to answer.

    Willy Bee
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