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  1. I have a 600 MB video that I am trying to upload for free, without success. Any ideas?
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    what is the length in minutes? if it's under 10, then youtube it. they take videos up to 2GB in file size.
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  3. did you mean embedded like flash? or just a hosting site for data?

    most video hosting sites will re-encode your video

    vimeo & can host larger videos , but will re-encode = lower quality ( might not under some circumstances)

    megaupload can host <1GB files for free . You could also use archiving software to chop it up into smaller chunks for re-assembly later (e.g 7-zip, winrar) , then you could use any number of free hosting sites
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  4. thanks for your response. the video is about an hr long. my iMovie mac software won't recognize it for me to chop it into 5-6 parts for youtube. is there anywhere I can upload the whole video all at once?
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  5. Veoh takes long videos. Except they just filed for bancruptcy, so I don't know what will happen to videos there, including mine. I have several there over 2 hours long.
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