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    I bought a LITE-ON iHES 106 BD-ROM today. It comes with PowerDVD 8.
    I installed UDF 2.5 Reader on my XP Pro with SP2.
    Windows explorer can read Blu-ray disc contents.

    When I play Blu-ray disc, Power DVD 8 generates an internal error (error code 80040216) and refuses to play.

    I copy some .m2ts files from STREAM directory of Blu-ray movie disc but cannot play with Media Player Classic. I guess the files are protected.

    Am I missing something? Have someone hit the problem before?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Epping West
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    I may be mistaken, but I didn't think Blu-Ray playback was supported in XP. In any event, even if it is now, you also need a video card and monitor that are HDCP compliant and connected via HDMI cable. HDCP is part of the copy protection.
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    I use xp sp3 and BD playback works fine but I had to update / patch PowerDVD

    See here for link and other info

    btw) Don't forget to reboot after making changes
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