Hey, long time reader here, I've been using this site for over 6 years, it's a great resource.

I capture HD mpg2 .TS files, and occasionally get slight errors on long recordings. The initial error could be as small as lasting less than a second or just one or two frames.

I want to know what software I can use to edit (remove commercials/segments) these files without changing the spots with errors, or without removing any extra audio/video frames from the error spot, etc, IE: no loss or change from the original file.

I've been using VideoReDo for a long time now, which will always remove extra audio or video frames from a given error spot, regardless of the settings chosen for ignoring errors/frames and regardless of how short or small the error is. I don't believe the quickstream fix feature prevents this either from what I remember.

I've noticed in the past that some demux/remux software seems to be able to losslessly remux without any change at all to any error spots, which is what I'm going for. If it'd be possible to fix the error, that'd be good as well, but I doubt it's too realistic so I'm just concerned with keeping it the same as in the original file. In the past I even remuxed a .TS file with a new audio file and the error spot visually stayed the same as it was in the original file, no loss or change, which isn't possible at all with VRD as far as I know.

So I need recommendations of software to use to edit the files and remove segments without any change at all to the error spots or any loss of audio/video frames. Free software if possible would be better, but I'll listen to any recommendations. It would also help if it's easy to use in terms of editing and removing commercials. Thanks a lot in advance.

I had a larger post written with more details, but I tried to cut it down and keep it as simple as I could. Thanks again.