I recently posted a thread about lip sync issues with PowerDirector 8 https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/316325-Why-is-Powewrdirector8-audio-out-sync-when-Showbiz-DVD2-isn-t. when capturing with my Ezcap 116 USB 2.0 capture device.

I contacted Cyberlink Technical Support and they have replied:

I understand that you are using PowerDirector 8.0 Deluxe software and you are facing issue with capturing video using the Ezcap 116 USB 2 capture device.

In response to your issue I would like to inform you that the PowerDirector 8.0 Deluxe software does not support any convertor (like USB to Fire wire or analog to USB/Firewire) in between source and computer as this may cause data loss.

I have emailed then back to clarify exactly what they are saying as non of the reviews I read or any of the online sites selling the software make mention of this (most mention using a USB 2.0 video capture device). In fact, AMAZON specifically recommend buying a similar USB2.0 capture device to go with the software.

Since the Cyberlink reply I have checked the capture options in PD8 and it's true the capture device options don't show an analogue source, the nearest is TV. Strange however that my capture device is correctly recognised.

Can anyone shed any light on this please as it looks like I have bought a pig in a poke as far as capturing is concerned.