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  1. Hi experts,
    I am looking suggestion with minimum cost

    I want to record from Three cameras . Questions are as follows

    1. How can i use my existing PC or MAC for Video mixing input from three cameras?
    2. How i can attach three different mics, if the Cam does not have external mic , can i use Podcast studio for external mics and use it for audio and later on attach that with video ?
    3. I have bought Sony HD SR12E how i can use that camera with the mxing software for live mixing as it does not have Firewire
    4. Any Cheap option for rest of 2 camera? They can be SD ..
    Yes it is recorded first and later put on broadcast on web. Bassically we are Making videos for web . What setup you suggest with reuse of our sr12e camera.? We want to minimize time to broadcast from Shooting. Any suggestion My friend ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Minimum cost? What is your budget? It's hard to say unless you describe your project more.

    You'll need a fast computer - Quad Core with 4GB RAM or better

    If you are shooting inside, you must think about lighting.

    You should buy 3 of the same camcorders because it will be impossible to color and audio match the video footage during editing if you have different ones.

    Get a fluid head tripod for each camcorder. Velbon is OK

    If you use an external mic for each camera, it should be the same model of microphone. Again, you won't be able to match the sound otherwise.Or, use 1 high quality external recorder like the Zoom H4N.


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