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  1. I just authored an out of print VHS movie to DVD using DVDa 5.0. When I previewed it, everything looked fine. Menus, buttons, audio sync, navigation, title order, etc.

    When I went to make the dvd, I was warned that my introduction media was orphaned and unreachable. I proceeded anyway. Playing the dvd in my stand alone, the introduction media was skipped (as expected) and it jumped to the wrong menu. But everything else looked good on the physical dvd, same as mentioned above.

    Also, some of my introduction media is the same as on an 'extras' menu. If that helps.

    What am I missing? Please help. I searched through 20 pages on here, in addition to using the search function and could not find what I was looking for. So I apologize if this explanation has been posted before. If it has, please point me to the correct thread.

    Thank you.
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  2. I may have just figured it out. Finalizing now and will test in an hour or so. (Errands, lunch, etc.)
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  3. Got it.
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