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  1. I'm trying to archive some high def content from my TiVo HD onto DVD-R or DVD+R (I have no BD burner and blanks are pricey) so that it can be played back on a PS3 and/or Xbox 360 and least importantly, a PC. I'd be great if the file were playable on all 3, but the 2 consoles are the most important.

    I don't care about commercial trimming or editing but it is important that the source's resolution is preserved (720p or 1080i) and it'd be good if the original audio was preserved (5.1 -> 5.1, 2.0 -> 2.0) and not downmixed in some way.

    I'm using kmttg ( to copy the videos over to a PC. It decrypts the .tivo file and produces an .mpg but also can in one shot call ffmpeg or handbrake to transcode the resulting file. To do so, it comes w/some preset .enc (encoding profiles) which are just templates for calling either encoder.

    Can anyone suggest a good encoding profile or good set of switches or presets that will produce something playable from DVD +/-R on both consoles and also preserve the audio? I'll probably tweak the bitrate so that ~2 hours of HD fit on a 4.7 gig disc.

    I'd rather avoid having to use multiples utilities so that workflow is straight forward. I'm also trying to avoid trial and error as transcoding and burning is time consuming.

    (My 1st try was using kmttg's "ff_h264_high_rate" profile. I burned the resulting .mp4 file (.tivo -> .mpg -> .mp4 via ffmpeg) onto a DVD-RW as a test. The .mp4 file was unplayable on my Xbox 360 (produced an error message) and playable but w/o any audio on my PS3.) I do have the .mpg file so I can keep trying to transcode that w/different settings and converters but it's time consuming...
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  2. That profile copies the audio stream in the original .mpg file decoded from the tivo file. Can the PS3 play that type of audio? BTW what audio format is that in the tivo HD file or the resulting mpg file? I only have a tivo2 so I don't know the differences.

    What error message did the file produce on the xbox?

    Did you try the ff_tivo_hd.enc file?

    If you want to test all the profiles you could simply record about 1 min of something on your Tivo; the use kmttg to transfer it to your pc. Once it's there you can test each of the profiles. You don't have to retransfer for each encode which save time. Just after each encoding session rename the resulting file to the name of the profile (but leave the appropriate extension ie .mp4 or whaterever) and burn those small clips to your DVD +/-R disc and see which work and which don't.

    You might take a bit from one profile and a bit from another. Your first attempt did not produce audio on the ps3 so look at one of the other FF profiles that reencode the audio and add that bit in to see if you get a working profile.

    I'd love to give you something better but I just found kmttg yesterday and I'm not conversant with all the encoding commands.

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    I don't have either unit, but when I look at the video playback specs on the microsoft and playstation sites, these are the only video formats that I see that can play back AC3 audio (which is all that I see from my Tivo recordings).

    Xbox 360: AVI
    PS3: MPEG2-TS/PS

    Based on that, I would say that you will not find a single format that meet your criteria. If you are willing to accept 2ch AAC audio, you should be able to get away with H.264 in mp4 container.
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  4. Holy old thread resurrection!

    After a queries and lots of trial and error, I gave up on the playable on PS3 and Xbox 360 goal and aimed for PS3. Even that was fraught w/problems.

    The solution was to create AVCHD discs to play on the PS3 and many (most?) BD players. is the workflow.

    Alas, now I have another much bigger problem that makes a lot of the above moot. After an an apparent outage in my area (I had Verizon FiOS), we found out that they turned on copy protection (CCI byte value=0x02) for most channels that aren't broadcast OTA ( This renders anything recorded on those protected channels untransferable to a PC (w/o making hardware modifications to the TiVo HD). I and others tried to reason w/Verizon and get answers out of them to no avail.

    The torch (ownership of my area) got passed to Frontier Communications and a few months later, they closed more CP holes in their lineup leaving even more stuff protected.
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