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    Hi There

    I have a sony tv and sony dvd player/recorder which I play audio cd's and shop bought dvd fims.

    I have Toshibs laptop using xp home.
    I have Toshiba "record now"
    I have Nero 6
    I have downloaded/installed/removed several dvd convert/burn/rip progs as they are either complicated or only trial progs and I don't want to pay.

    What I want to do/know/is...if I have a dvd saved to my hard drive, or if I have a dvd given to me that has been downloaded, I can play on my laptop without any trouble, but if I want to play a downloaded dvd on my Sony dvd player, it often wont play as format is no good.

    What is the best format a dvd needs to have to play on my Sony, and what is the best way/prog to use to allow me to do so.
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    I changed your thread title. Don't just use newbie question. You can edit it by clicking on the edit button on your first post.

    Back to the topic,
    Use good dvd media, , and use also good dvd-video converters like the free dvd flick or if your sony supports avi divx/xvid then convert to that using autogk.
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    I have a problem just like yours... check out...
    I don't have the solution yet... but... maybe you can try something....
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