I keep losing the stereo audio on my stereo bluetooth headphones. I am using Vista 32bit home premium and a kensington bluetooth usb adapter. I am using rocketfish stereo headphones (rf-mab2). I can get the hands fee audio to connect just fine. It does so everytime I shut off and reconnect the headphones.

However the stereo audio doesn't always resync. It shows up as an option under the audio tab in the bluetooth devices screen through windows. However it only says connecting for a brief time and then goes back to disconnected. It won't show up in the sound panel as a playback device until it is connected in the bluetooth device screen.

I am not sure why it won't let me reconnect. I do have the passkey enabled (the default passkey for the unit). SO I don't think that is the problem.

Any suggestion? This is for adp2 stereo.