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  1. I've got an XP machine with my old Pinnacle DC10 Plus PCI in it. The audio and video are fine, but the only way I can output to my tv is via Pinnacle Studio 12. PS 12 can only output prepared video. What I'm looking for is to be able to stream to my TV and play pc games on my tv.

    The DC10 Plus card is listed in my Device Manager as a video controller rather than a display adapter. So I'm guessing I need some other software?
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    That wont work.

    Doesn't your graphics card has a svideo out? Or maybe you have a newer tv with dvi/hdmi input?
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  3. Nope, no graphics card. Though I'll keep my eye out for video out puts the next time I upgrade.

    Well, at least I can watch videos if I give em time to be converted.

    Thanks. I was looking for something that doesn't exist and wondering why I wasn't finding it.
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