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  1. I have been burning my Beta and VHS tapes to DVD with a Sony VHS/Dvd player recorder. One problem I am having is that a lot of the new Sony DVD disc that I am trying to use are rejected by my recorder. The message is that the "disc is unplayable and unrecordable". This a new, never be used disc. About one in ten of the disc get this message. The other problem I am having is in recording. I insert a disc, it shows that the disc is being formatted, then I begin to record. The recorder shows that it is recording all the time, but when it is finished and I try to finalize the disc I get the same message, "disc is unplayable and unrecordable". When I check the disc it shows that it has recorded, about an 1/8" of space, I don't know what that is in time, then stopped. But the recorder has been showing that it has been recording the whole time.

    Any clue what the problems could be?

    One final note. These tapes are at least 30 years old, most I recorded, and some prerecorded tapes, but Beta is still the best. They are as sharp as the day I recorded them.

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  2. I would try another brand such as Verbatim DVD-R, if that doesn't help then I would say your recorder is failing.
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    You didn't mention which Sony model DVD/VHS recorder you're using..... in all probability, the DVD drive is starting to fail.
    Have you tried using a DVD lens cleaner ? that may help. Or try using Sony DVD-R's instead of +R's. I had a 2003 model
    Sony DVD stand-alone recorder that lasted six years before it started to fail..... got those repeated messages about
    "disc is dirty" , "this disc in unplayable", etc. Also had the same symptom of seeming to be recording, then not recognizing
    the disc afterward, or, not being able to finalize a recording. If the DVD drive is failing, your only option is either to have
    it repaired, or just buy another machine. Or, record your Beta/VHS tapes to your computer, there are many articles
    and posts on this forum dealing with the ins and outs and how-to's.

    My personal experience has led me to use a standard VHS machine hooked up to a DVD recorder with a hard drive....
    After recording the VHS video to the hard drive, it's fairly easy to edit the video, then burn to DVD-R for archiving.
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    Sony DVD+R is made in Taiwan, or made in Malaysia?

    Learn the difference between Sony blanks.
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